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A Perfect Autumn Evening

November 5, 2016
By 3dogs145 SILVER, Peachtree City, Georgia
3dogs145 SILVER, Peachtree City, Georgia
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"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."
-Helen Keller

Quietly I walked out into the open air of a busy November afternoon.
I was pleasantly greeted by the crisp wind gently blowing the hair out of my face. As
it whistled its favorite tune
The sight of the final green leaves turn a soft yellow warmed the cool autumn air.  
Sitting down to watch the birds do graceful dances in the blue sky, I breathed in a long lasting breathe of fresh air
I watched a squirrel collect acorns under a tall oak tree
and climb back into the
petite hole it called home

Caught in the moment of a beautiful sight I forgot all of my worries
I saw the crisp leaves blow of the brown brittle grass taking my stress along with them

The first sign of a sunset warmed my soul as I sat watching nature fall into a calming sleep
As the twinkling stars came out to play and the moon lit up the night sky, an owl took the place of the day birds and put on a show above the trees.

The forest came alive and took ahold of my heart
For what seemed like hours I took in the sights of an autumn evening, never wanting to forget the beauty and comfort it brought me.

The author's comments:

I wrote this after walking outside on a November afternoon.  I remember feeling as if the whole world stopped.

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