A Summer Without My Best Friend MAG

October 12, 2016
By Lib44 BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
Lib44 BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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One night I didn’t sleep
Because I wanted to watch the sunrise
My eyelids were heavy and drooping
My head felt like it was stuffed with cotton
But I walked anyway
Through the endless trees
Along the empty trail
Until I found the perfect spot
I probably would’ve found it faster
If you had been there holding my hand
And I sat there alone
Quietly singing “Here Comes the Sun”
While the dark blue sky finally began to pale
And change to that lavender we both love
Squinting my eyes to watch
As the trees lit on fire
And blazing orange became the only color
I could see
The brand new day brought a sense of hope
But when I turned my head to the left
You weren’t there
And it felt wrong
Not sharing this feeling with you

When I packed up my suitcase
And flew 1,742 miles away
The clouds were enveloping the plane
Like a blanket
My tummy felt weightless
And my feet were swinging in anticipation
as the ground grew closer
It was a bumpy landing
And I wanted to laugh with you about it
But you weren’t there sitting next to me
Just as excited as I was to go on an adventure
And I was alone
When I cuddled up in a blanket on the balcony
To watch the colors light up the sky
Celebrating freedom
You couldn’t feel the thunder of fireworks
Resonating in your chest for the rest
of the night
You called me almost every day
And hearing your voice
Almost made it feel like you were there
Even if it was only for twenty minutes
at a time
But twenty minutes
Couldn’t make up for three months
And countless wishes
That I could share these moments with you
We lost so much time
But it suddenly didn’t matter
When I finally found you
After running all the way around the stadium
I was out of breath
And my heart shot into my throat
I sprinted to the fence
And called out your name
I threw my things to the ground
So I could throw my arms around you
Even though the pointed fence was digging into my tummy
I couldn’t feel it at all
We were together
For the six hour drive back home
And it finally felt like home
Because you were there
We were together
When the rain sounded like hammers
against the roof
But I had been planning this damn picnic
for over a month
So we charged out to find shelter
We sat and listened to the storm
Beneath the rock wall at the playground
Our own little bubble in the universe
And it felt like you were never gone
And when I looked to my left
You looked back at me with a smile

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