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opposites attract

August 25, 2016
By megthepoet ELITE, Winnipeg, Manitoba
megthepoet ELITE, Winnipeg, Manitoba
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"We know what we are, but not what we may be" - Shakespeare

she didn’t like          reading

shock poured over every      inch of my face
all over my red cheeks

didn't realize      till later
that words on the page
              always seemed to get
scrambled and rearranged
                      so she couldn't find heaven
couldn't find peace in all      of these stories
                  i sink into
she didn't escape        into someone
           else's reality like i could
but she was a rare copy i got my hands on
a book
some pages             ripped and torn
open   and vulnerable
but there was always     something i skimmed past
too quickly to realize. I still re read a million times
and no matter what i always miss     something

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