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notes to self (go to sleep)

August 2, 2016
By Daizee GOLD, Pretoria, Other
Daizee GOLD, Pretoria, Other
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Favorite Quote:
God is above all things.

You stay awake at night 

hoping he's thinking about you 

while he's probably thinking about her

that's if he's still awake.

Who do you think you are 

Thinking that he likes you enough to..

Think about you..

Dream about you..

Be about you.


The only time you actually smile 

Is when he remembers to remember you 

And actually acknowledge your existence 

And the other times your mind is a mile

From earth.


Listen honey..

You ain't pretty enough to light up his day 

And make him go as crazy as you're going 

You ain't easy going enough for his liking

Just not his type.  

He's just there for the thrill 

NOTE TO SELF: go to sleep

The author's comments:

2 a.m thoughts 

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