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Finally enough

June 6, 2016
By Tylersaysrawr GOLD, Lyons, New York
Tylersaysrawr GOLD, Lyons, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Smile little princess things get better" <3

Always hanging with the guys, no.  Not because they were less drama.

You're too young to worry about that nonsence anyways.


Running, Cars, Video games; that was life. 

That day you all went swimming

and you took of your shirt,

that was the day your life changed forever. 


You were'nt one of the guys.

I know how much that chrushed you....


You are a girl.

Even though you never felt quite right,

or even normal, in a dress. 


You got older.


Dances, make-up, guys. 

Hours in front of the mirror. 


What everyone else saw; 

Cute, Happy, coloured hair chick

Who always tried her best,

An hour doing hair, even longer doing make-up,

and time spent picking out the best outfit. 


But what did you miss when you looked at her? 



She always tried so hard to be who everyone wanted,

and they wanted her to be a pretty princess.

She even went as far as dressing up and doing pagents

trying to show people 

She was good enough. 


She just kept lying to everyone,

including herself. 


She will never forget the day she came out as 



Everything that was broken in her life 

finally fell into place. 

All the years spent wishing she was male, 

then- She finally realized-


She was one all along. 

Noonne else may have seen it, 

but she did 


Time goes by and soon enough,

the scared little girl is gone.

To be fair, She never existed.


She never made him stronger,

She didn't do anything for him.

All she did was hide him for years 

and he managed to ruin many relationships.


Friends and family were afraid of loosing the one they loved, 

little did they know, 

the girl they "loved so much"

was just his imagination.


He is the same person, 

But better.




And to him, 

It's finally enough.


He's finally enough <3 

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