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Let Them Burn

April 24, 2016
By annemariei GOLD, Denver, Colorado
annemariei GOLD, Denver, Colorado
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I shall bloom with unrelenting persistence

and murderous resistance,

fighting back with mental pistons,

shattering the framerworks of my current existence.

I find self expression

from the roots of my depression

and resilience

in the past I'm repressing.

This obsession

drives me up the mountain to anxieties peak

as my chest rises and heaves

and I crumble to heaps,

gnashing my teeth

and thrashing through sleep,

I can't find peace

nor the sunny salvation I seek,

my will is strong but my sense of self remains meek.


dying to be alive

taking ten steps back with every onward stride,

swallowing each breath of life through anothers eye

with two swigs of cyanide

as I trail the boarders of pride

and internal genocide,

ultimately to be defined

by the box of rules I choose to abide

and the standards to which I feel I must rise,


will I burn the bed of lies

that serve as the foundation for my entire life

with all of the fire I carry inside?


The worst has yet to come

but when all is said and done,

I will shine with the intensity of a thousand suns

and burn the million, million and one


who said I'd never be good enough

or successful enough

or smart enough

or beautiful enough

or thin enough,

to the million, million and one


I will drip the last drops of self hate from the tip of my tongue,

and I will learn to scream from the bottom

of my



undeserving lungs:

I am enough,

I am enough,

I AM enough.

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