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Dark Generation

April 11, 2016
By Nelly_Nell GOLD, Bakersfield, California
Nelly_Nell GOLD, Bakersfield, California
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Favorite Quote:
'' For every dark night there is an even brighter day"

-Tupac Shukar

He wasn’t looked at as the smartest,the cutest,or the coolest
unless he was running through the streets being the dumbest
he was forced to act like a man at such a young age not knowing what a man was
because the one he supposed to look up to was locked up making him think this mess was cool
so he had to sit back and watch his family cry and struggle so he thought it would be smart to go do the things his daddy used to do trying to make money

next thing you know he got himself caught up with the wrong people and he in
the middle of the cross fire bullets going everywhere sound so loud he thinks he is going
def because he can’t hear his own thoughts

now he wonders if he is dying because  all he feels is pain but he knows
he ain’t been shot because he didn’t feel an impact but knows that there is a hole an eternal
hole from when he found out his daddy was gone. six shots in the head he’s dead

now he is standing in the street only one person standing with him  and 5 others standing against him.
5 of which were the guys that told him they would always be down for him.

BAM!!....and just like that he thought he had been shot only to realize the bullet barely
grazed him and went straight through his man who is on the floor gripping his chest
screaming out for help “Lord help me please!!!!”

Now he standing there not knowing what to do it’s so dark he can only see people
trying to kill em. He looks down at his man who’s lying in his own pool of blood still
screeching for help.he knows he can’t leave him like that but  knows there is nothing he can do so he takes off running not knowing where he is going everywhere he turns it’s someone out to get him. His mind is running faster than his feet and he trying to catch up but before he knows it he’s lying on the ground and realizes he just took two shots in the back so there he is lying in his own pool of blood and now you got another momma sitting in tears because she just found out her last son is gone

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