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April 2, 2016
By sadieopal SILVER, Long Island City, New York
sadieopal SILVER, Long Island City, New York
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a dad who paints
and dances
to music nobody knows

a dad who points out buildings,
telling what they were in the prime of New York
reminding me what his generation
has built to replace the hundred year old structures,


a mom who is in the midst of constructing
a future of caffeination
and binge watches cop shows with me till 12 AM
and sends me pictures of our dog sleeping
in the same position every time

a mom who wants to start a mother daughter book club
but can never find a good book
a mom who brings me water
when she knows I am not asleep

a friend who laughs
and draws fantastical characters
in imagined lands
and writes about rain
         and fire
         and foxes

this is my normal
this my unexceptional
yet strikingly brilliant


The author's comments:

This poem was an extension of a school prompt on my own time. I really like how it turned out and I feel that it really helps when I try to explain my family.

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