March 28, 2016
By August7682 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
August7682 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Cursin' like a sailor
It's okay, right, avail her
Commanding the ship so strongly
you thought you finally had it off me
bullets keep bouncing off me like a trampoline, except this one isn't so fun, you see?

As It hits a slow curve
you seemed to have the nerve
to throw your whole crew overboard
just to save yourself first
the empire state of the south
never got to the party
left with the crumbs in the corner
and your dirty mouth, only clarty

Lips curled into a sly glance
Dreaming about your gothic romance
With a flip of your hair and the turn of your chin
Sulking away and grabbing your pen

Writing without any concern
Trying to tell me your words are just words
But words can be the worst type of pain
Burned into my brain like a red food color stain

Razerblades and Punk madness
colored hair with your tears of passion
brainwashed and bleached
compelled by your freedom of speech
tears so frequent, indecent, and cement
you're looking for my impeachment, what's your reason?

Knuckles hurt from punching pillows
rusting walls and weeping willows
Wanted so badly to be broken
so you tore out the stitches

called me coward
but i'm not the one cranking out
poems that have been soured

I live to empower.

The author's comments:

  This piece is inspired by an experience with a bully, who specifically used words to hurt others. This is also about caring for others rather than only caring about yourslef. I hope this will open the readers eyes to how important words really are, and to listen to others.

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