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Dreams Blown like Bubbles

March 17, 2016
By niciolah SILVER, South Riding, Virginia
niciolah SILVER, South Riding, Virginia
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You close your eyes and drift away
As the sun starts to set. You cocoon yourself in neurons
And let the pathways lead you to the place
Where the world encircles its center
Unsteady, intangible, growing, and unstoppable
This is the place where your universe begins
So that your neurons may dance in the night

Look inward to the horizon.
Do you see it? That shimmering wall?
You run there each evening
Chasing the sunset, losing your breath,
Closing your eyes, and drifting away

Your bare feet pitter on the murky ground as you chase your universe.
It floats on swirls of starry wind, and nearly finds
Its fatal collision with the sharp points of the moon.
Climb the nightmare in the distance
So you may find the dream you’ve been searching for
and your neurons may dance in the night.

You reach the place just as the clock announces midnight
And you gaze at the shimmering sphere.
Inside, the squaladon birds sing teal notes
and the wind tastes like candied almonds.
Reach forward, breach the membrane,
But under your gentle touch it never shatters.
You step forward, and the sensation between your toes
could be the gentle brush of meadow grasses,
Or maybe the friendly grind of beach sand,
Or even the playful bite of cold stream water-
It doesn’t matter.
You drift away inside your universe.

You step into this shimmering, faraway sphere:
This place, your place.
You lie faceup in the squaladon nest
And munch on the toodildoo berries
Until the moon gazes down upon you
with his one, glazed over, cataract-covered eye
And he wonders at your neurons dancing in the night.

And you dance to the sound of the squadalon birds
who sing with a song so sharp and bright
and forget the worries of the daytime,
that farawaytime,
The time you left behind you,
when you closed your eyes and drifted away

You pluck the stars from where they hang in the sky
and use them as ornaments in your hair,
Uncaring of the hourglass that will be parched dry
When the clock shakes the world and counts down to nine
Instead, you lose yourself in this Starry Night.
While your Universe floats away on currents of sparkling wind,
you drift endlessly behind closed eyes,
And the moon watches your neurons
As they dance throughout the night

The author's comments:

When we lose conciousness in the evening, we escape into the thin, fragile stories that our minds weave for us during the nighttime. Our brain does not shut down during this time; it continues to fire of crazily. But because it is dancing, rather than working, we are able to find much needed rest within our dreams.

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