The Power of a Movie

March 16, 2016
By LeahC SILVER, Fairfax Station, Virginia
LeahC SILVER, Fairfax Station, Virginia
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She gazes at herself in the mirror

He runs his hand across her face
Bringing tremors through the body
You stroke your cheek with your finger
Following the bones and creases
Grazing it gently with a women’s touch
He opens a closet and finds a puppet tangled in string
In a strange red house
And you crank your neck swiftly to the side
Staring at furniture until you are sure
That the flicker of light and shadow was purely
A flicker of light and shadow
When the two press their lips together
Making it so no sunlight may pass through their bodies
You snatch your hand from the table and
Ever so lightly
Press upon your bottom lip
As a daydream quickly flits through your mind
And it disappears
With the change of the camera’s angle
And when it is nothing but a black space
White words rising like rain falling backwards
You stay as you are
Arms feeling abnormal, for they are so real
Body being so real
It seems almost impossible
That this could be reality
Though it is
And you stand
And the world is redrawn
As you escape the enchantress
Who steals attention
And possesses the deepest desires and fears
She returns you to reality
Until the next time comes

The author's comments:

I watched Ex Machina and was stunned by the storyline, the beauty of the graphics, and the overall suspense that it brought. After every movie I have found myself somehow affected in an almost spiritual way, as if my eyes have been opened. I wanted to convey that feeling that you get after watching a movie, a good movie, that makes you think and makes you wonder. 

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