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More Than a Monster

January 25, 2016
By TheMadKingHatter BRONZE, Genesee, Wisconsin
TheMadKingHatter BRONZE, Genesee, Wisconsin
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If you can be seen for more than your sex appeal

Can I be seen for more than my desire

Or can only one of us be empowered

If I become the monster you think I am

Will that quell your anger

Or justify your crusades

Is this the penance I'm to pay for the crimes of my forefathers fathers?

If I say I'm ashamed

If I say I'll change

If I apologize for the treasons I have yet to commit

Will I still be put in the stockades

If you tell me what I have to say

Or what I have to do

Can I be spared the noose

Or will my precession be lead by my hangmen and accusers

After my last rites are read by the mutineers

Who know firsthand the savageness of civility

And chosen to submit

In a world where you're more than an object

Can I be more than a monster

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