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Post #502 to a Dead Man's Page

January 18, 2016
By Setizia GOLD, Darnestown, Maryland
Setizia GOLD, Darnestown, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
The purpose of life is to search eternally for the purpose of life

I hope you have been peaceful,
Even when confronted with tumultuous renovations
May your wall stand ever statuesque

Life's been good on my side,
Strolled through jovial, inflated sales
Feigned mirth, made friends without name
Forgot them the very next day

Bore mugs to another
Prince oh-so-charming (that's what he thinks he is)
My head bowed, my smile a repulsive gash
On otherwise closed and taut skin

Dressed formally too, to perpetuate the appearance
And that afternoon,
I watched tea leaves form an anchor,
Latching to my despairing reflection

He asked me to visit his family
Been quite nice, considerate
I still stand trippingly on the threshold
Don't worry about me

The author's comments:

Inspired by a story I heard on a Chinese reality show about relationship problems. A young woman's first boyfriend, who was long-distance, died of a terminal disease without telling her about the illness. Although she claims she has "moved on" and is in another relationship, she still sends messages to her deceased ex every day, telling him nearly everything, including complaints about the current relationship. The story has haunted me to this day...thoughts?

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