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The Sickness

December 13, 2015
By lastingbreath16 DIAMOND, Lake Alfred, Florida
lastingbreath16 DIAMOND, Lake Alfred, Florida
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screw it all if life gives u lemons do what ever you feel the need to do with them.

Sometimes i just sit there
And i like to believe that everythings ok
That I'm not sick
And I don't have to see the doctor every week now
Sometimes i look back
When I didn't know i was like this
When i wasn't just a "condition"
A "sickness"
Sometimes i like to dream of the future
Sitting with my love anywhere
Not thinking about dying
For either of us
Sometimes i pretent not to let my health bother me
So no one else worries about it either
So no one else ask about it
But then i open my eyes
And i realize...
I'm not ok but someday
Someday i will be

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