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This Morning I Woke

December 6, 2015
By 13stars GOLD, Frisco, Texas
13stars GOLD, Frisco, Texas
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This morning I woke,

To a giraffe in mocha.

Ringing my doorbell,

So crazily I fell.

I opened the door to see,

And I hear it hee.

Now what am I going to do,

With a giraffe here, too.

I wondered out loud,

Honestly too proud.

Should I bring him to the zoo,

Or back to Camazoo?

Too many questions to ask,

Some I must mask.


What to do.

I seriously mean it,


I checked the news,

None about a missing giraffe or two.

Oh why choose here,

Why not anywhere but here.

And it grunts loudly,

Getting a little to proudly.

Sticking his neck through the roof,

I guess it really should move.

This morning I woke,

To a giraffe in mocha.

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