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The Spark

November 24, 2015
By AlyssaAnnK SILVER, Youngstown, Ohio
AlyssaAnnK SILVER, Youngstown, Ohio
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There it was

In the darkest black

Where a heart's beat lacked.

The spirit didn't go away

Nor did the cold pain fade.


The heart was cold as stone

And the purpose that they lacked was alone.

For, they didn't know it was a battlefield

Neither their greatest rivalry would soon yield.


The lonely but yet fighters stood

On the ground and surface of their soul.

Purpose or company which to aquire?

A heart filled King protested as He could

And they asked Him, "Sire,

Which do we fight for

The warm or the cool?"


"Look down into what you really need,"

The magnificient, mighty leader said,

" I know what you really need

All the time is me.

For the hearts of cold

Will rest in my warming love.

I will teach you ans equipp you

Thorugh the war.


So that once my fire will begin to saor, 

Into the complete inner-soul,

One spark would enlighten the war.

For just something more

And I will turn the ice into water flowing 

Of my peace and my love.

And the everlasting peace will satnd.

So that your cold, hardened heart will go hand in hand

Into my heart's light.


Now, the lost souls

Can be made whole

From one spark into

A Balzing fire

That will consume 

So that your heart's true purpose will resume."

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