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Obviously, I am beautiful!

November 22, 2015

You are fat,they say!
Is that something relevant to describe me?
Is that amount of fat on my body relevant to describe me and my being?
Is that fat on my body going to determine my future?
Whom I have to be with?
To whom I can talk to?
What I am capable of?
What I can do and what not?
Who is going to like me and who not?
What I have to do with myself and what not?
Is that fat on my body going to determine how beautiful I am?
I thought beauty is in the heart!
I thought it is determined by the amount of love we give to others!
I thought it is the soul that is beautiful!
I am fat,am I beautiful?
Tell me,am I?
Yes.I am ,because this flesh on my body is not at all going to determine what kind of a person I am.
Maybe I am much more interesting and wonderful than I look.
Obviously beauty is important and attractive,
But is that my hollow body that makes me beautiful?
Is my beautiful heart not enough?
Is it not telling you I am beautiful?
Am I beautiful?
Yes,I am beautiful.
I am beautiful.

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