Open it up

November 24, 2015
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Open it up and stare at the picture,

Hoping some part of the past had always been my present.


Open it up and get lost in thought,

Wishing I didn't have to miss it all.


Open it up and wait for that call,

Telling me that the old me was still there.


Open it up and look at us all,

Thinking how we ended up so far apart.


Open it up and decide to move on,

Knowing someday our lives would once again collide. 


Open it up and regret a choice,

Realizing too late that it was never mine to make.


Open it up and keep staying strong,

Pushing away any emotions too difficult to feel.


Open it up and let them fall,

Crying may just solve it all.


Open it up and take them out,

Remembering a fantasy is much too hard.


It's time to get up and live for the future,

Not hope for the past.

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