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Mask and Hoodies

November 16, 2015
By aoliver BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
aoliver BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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Two people not caged in but outside in the free were everyone can see them
A man is behind them staring so hard that his mouth so open a fly could fly right in it
Their mask have been through the snow
Their shirts are the color of ashes
The sky is happy

The man in the backs face has just seen a ghost
One persons face’s eyes are tired
The other persons face’s eyes are just bending down
Their eyes have locked in on a target

The man in the backs mouth has its door open
His eyes are sitting down because they are lazy
The face has been heated in the oven it is so red
A scared face lurks

Black attracts heat
Black hoodies for the winter
Black hoodies to be unseen
Black hoodies to commit crimes

Black hoodies and mask
Black represents darkness
Mask hides the beast
Should we be scared?
Or are they just going to a costume party

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