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November 1, 2015
By CorinneTheCow DIAMOND, Rigaud, Other
CorinneTheCow DIAMOND, Rigaud, Other
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So close yet so far

She has long, blonde hair
Wavering in the morning wind
She has a smile brighter
Than a sunset before the storm
She glows with more light
Then the moon's greyed halo
She has a nice small nose
And it breathes in the chilly air
She has beaming hazel eyes
Fiercer than a man's
She holds herself with such confidence
That she could take on any fight
She has shoulders worn down
From the terrible weather in her mind
She has lost so many battles
That her thighs can recount
She has arms, muscular
Well defined from pain and hard work
She has ears that hear any sound
All the silent cries of a nation
She has a face that tells the pain
Of the battle she's fought
She has a chest that holds a heart
That nearly stopped beating
She has thighs with muscles
That can bear the weight of a thousand
She has a stomach she doesn't like
With just a bit of fat
She has feet that lead her
On her wild adventures
She has the soft hands
That could handle a newborn
She is strong and well built
From the years of training
She holds a certain insanity
Within her small body
She has a bit of stupidity
Even in her smart a** replies
She is pretty crazy, wild and free
From freedom that's finally settled
But... even if she is beautiful
She holds terrible rage within her
And her soul is dark
She is in constant pain
Tormented by her demons
She has a cold heart
And doesn't let many people in
She has a story of her own
Twisted with heartbreak
She has numbed her mind
But she still knows what's going on
She has sliced her thighs
Countless times, countless days
She's spent months in a living hell
Building a cage for herself
She wasn't so free after all
And the wind didn't do her well
She had eyes that hid secrets
That this nation couldn't bear
She has contemplated death
As her only escape
She was enslaved by her soul
That was enchained with spilling boood
She fought so many times
Trying to hold the tears back
She has rushed to the bathroom
Blade in hand, succombing to the urge
She has failed, relapsed, sobbed
Shaking in a corner, cold and alone
She has gotten back up,
With shaky legs, bone-chilling darkness
She has let her demons win
And felt the regret of a murderer
She has cried with such passion
Her eyes were swelled and puffy
She has spent days in a row
Without sleeping from the worry
She has been so self conscious,
It was hard for her to go out
She has had multiple panic attacks
Sending her in shivers and coughs
But no matter how many fights she's had
And no matter how long she's been battling
Her soldiers were stronger than her demons
Angels were by her sides
With weapons in their hands
To ward off the enemy
So no matter what...
She has won the war
She is me...

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