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Sinner's Fate

October 27, 2015
By Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
You aren't having fun unless you're commiting sin~ Priest

Within thy chamber’s floor lie a man
Upon which death consumed for his soul be damned
Eternal sadness and rage forever adrift
Blades of silver glinting in the hand of a knight so swift
Cleanliness was the cut across the flesh and bone
Actions committed against thou’s pledge written in stone
Darkened skies, silent as the death that surrounds
Thus thou’s soul is to be ripped apart by the hellhounds
Sin be stained upon thy chamber nevermore
For it follows the grim knight out the door
To haunt and mock his spirit for no other
Had he killed, but his brother….
Jealousy tainted his heart deep within,
Blinding the grim knight as he committed the greatest act of sin

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