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October 27, 2015
By ElisaTheDuck ELITE, Rigaud, Other
ElisaTheDuck ELITE, Rigaud, Other
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Faceless and falling
Retreating into dark hopes
The sky shines with shadows
And the drum beats
As each of my tears fall to the earth
This mask you call a face
Hides yet another mask
Fake you may call me
Call me anything and it is I
My descent is anything but gentle
Falling falling down
Further into despair and regularity
Everyone dies before my eyes
But aren't really dead
They're just dead
Save for in my nostalgic memories
My past scorns my existence
"You are nothing" it says
"Look what I did to you"
While I water a non-existent plant
The plant of my childhood
The only time I am beautiful
Is when my faceless expression
Shines with the shame of rain
Arise then fall back further
Live then die once again
Repeat repeat repeat
Until it is almost a routine
As simple as 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Step down from trying my patience
That's enough now
You won't find the heart you want
Or the predictability
I'm just faceless

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