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Kicks and Breakings

October 26, 2015
By CorinneTheCow DIAMOND, Rigaud, Other
CorinneTheCow DIAMOND, Rigaud, Other
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So close yet so far

Adrenaline and stress, blood rushing through my veins
I focus on the board in front of me
It's all I see in my brain
Everything around me is a blur
And I can't quite remember how I did it
I remember feeling tears rushing up
And holding them back, my face flushing
A deep tint of red, my veins popping out and beating
I just remember the two boards breaking
Under the pressure of my leg against it
Walking to the next, spinning through the air
Breaking the next one ahead of me
And the last one, two boards thick
I focused, spinned around, look at the target
And hit square in the middle,
Splitting the wood right in half
Splintering it beyond repairable point
And then the cheers, after they stared at me
Everyone clapping hands so loud, I had done it

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