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Mystic Inspiration

October 25, 2015
By ElisaTheDuck ELITE, Rigaud, Other
ElisaTheDuck ELITE, Rigaud, Other
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When each word and phrase
Holds the weight of a thousand souls,
Stories and thoughts light up brighter
Than even the sun can bear,
So it retreats into a resounding silence.
Black velvet, enveloping and dark,
Spans my heart in safety and security
As the words shyly venture out.
The ghosts of dreams are restlessly peaceful,
Insisting on being set free from hiding
And exploring the fallen heavens,
Seeking out old trails left behind by comets.
The planets are frozen with anticipation
As they await what they know will come,
With the unfailing twinkling
Of a million crystals on a twilight canvas.
My eyes only dare to raise me up;
My heart's expression welcoming the rain.
Each star falls from the sky
And shatters on my face in a perfect caress
Like that of the moon's smile
Echoed on the tips of the trees.
The wind is there, unproven by factual science,
Yet singing with the voice of a shadow
And whispering with the strength of the sky.
A magnetic pulse seeps gently into me
Like a tide raising with wave after subtle wave;
Something along the lines of epic frailty
Written in the ground beneath me,
Drawing out bits of my voluntary spirit
And twining them together in front of me.
Blissful ignorance encompasses me
And here I dance in woven silk patterns,
The music in my ears heightened
By the end of time and aging.
Raw innocence is written into every breath,
Like shrouding clouds veiling transparency,
Until, at last, at the exalted crescendos,
The world awakens into completion and unity.

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