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Pale Moon

October 24, 2015
By Lysander PLATINUM, Bangalore, Other
Lysander PLATINUM, Bangalore, Other
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hullo Pale Moon,

are you up there alone?

well same here....

wait-aren't you surrounded by stars?

sorry, i forgot....they are so many light years away

i am in the same condition too

as you can see through the window

books lie everywhere

yes, they offer comfort

but people around me, just like the stars around you

are distant......they say stars burn

these people have hearts that must beat as well

yet, they look so cold at this distance

happiness is but momentary for me

i have what the others envy

a good report card, a good opinion from elders

but of what use is all that-


time stands frozen and sadness shackles me

while despair trickles down on my head

agonizingly so....




so you can talk to me....

for you seem to be a good listener

thank you for your silver light

pure and cool, it soothes me

you are a pearl in a diamond encrusted cloth

and i place you in a small little box that i open only for myself

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