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The Seasons

October 13, 2015
By ElisaTheDuck ELITE, Rigaud, Other
ElisaTheDuck ELITE, Rigaud, Other
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Young rays of sunshine dance down from the sky,
Whispering with a warm breath, "wake up."
Pale, round mush-babies are born on the forest floor,
Huddling beneath their tall, capped parents.
Young stags' antlers branch out majestically,
Budding with green over their winter frosty fuzz.
Fragile pink moths appear on fruit trees in the night,
Their innocence blossoming in their soft, dusted wings.
Small silver minnows flow from the sky in vast schools,
Swimming into the earth and through highways of roots.

Long green serpents snake up the sides of buildings,
Constricting and strangling the life out of them.
Fireflies leap from the embers of fires at night,
Fading into the dusky smoke stretching upwards.
Glowing sprites come to life when the sun goes down,
Winking and sparkling on the blue-black horizon.
Glistening, white-towered castles crown the heavens,
Watching over their kingdoms from their exalted height.
Orchestras erupt in music when grey waves flood the sky,
Drums deep and rolling and symbols clashing sharply.

Green-leafed, bald elves shiver on the cold ground,
Their colourful hats having been plucked off by the wind.
Red, orange, and yellow butterflies fall from trees,
Flitting about before landing gently on the grass below.
Ashen skeletons fill yards and rattle their bones,
Reaching out to you with pointed claws in the fading light.
Trees sell their high-demand merchandise until laid barren,
Their customers rushing home to stock up on supplies.
Warriors leave to confront the rumours of enemies in the south,
Flying on their arduous journey in perfect formation.

The once-sharp blue eyes in the sky grow weary,
Paling and misting over in half-lidded fatigue.
Pure white faeries swirl from the grey heavens,
Dressed and dancing gracefully in fine lace gowns.
Invisible ghosts rush past you and leave their chill,
Death and emptiness on their hollow, icy breath.
Cold soldiers trudge through forests in the snow,
Wearing heavy cloaks of glimmering white.
Hidden frost-beasts stalk you in silence and mischief,
Waiting for the perfect moment to nip your uncovered skin.

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