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September 27, 2015
By oceanblue2 BRONZE, Warren, New Jersey
oceanblue2 BRONZE, Warren, New Jersey
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The spitballs stuck to her taped glasses
Just like
The photos of her and Liz kissing were stuck on the Internet
Just like
The words could never be fully scribbled out on the textbook
And were stuck as a horrific engraving.

Liz was not there anymore to defend her
Just like
Her mother had left her to survive with an alcoholic father
Just like
How every teacher in her school ignored her.

She could only let the spit slide down her glasses
Just like
How she let her miserable life slide by
Just like
How she gradually slid down the spiral into depression.

The author's comments:

Bullying has evolved into something so much more dangerous today. Since we are immersed in a world of technology, we can not hide from the Internet and all these insults that come flying towards us. Bullies are everywhere and now, they can hide behind a screen and never get caught. This poem shows just how terrible the effects of cyberbullying can be. Victims feel alone and they often fall into depression and commit suicide. People need to help these victims and show that they are not hopeless . We are here to defend you and save you. You are not alone.

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