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Love is Never Lost

September 17, 2015
By sierra_nicole13 GOLD, Corpus Christi, Texas
sierra_nicole13 GOLD, Corpus Christi, Texas
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It may be hard now, but in the end everything will be perfect.

When you're young everyone says love won't last,
But you will always shake those words off
For it is the farthest thing anyone wants to hear
When they are mesmerized by the one they adore.

You spend weekends around the house
Holidays with one another’s families
Nights back and forth between homes,
Just talking about the future you shall share.

Then one day it happens.
The one you love gets the news they must leave finally,
Work comes before pleasure yet again,
But it's not just for a weekend this time.

The two of you say your goodbyes on a sweltering June morning,
Kisses are stained with tears as you prepare for what is to come.
Their car is loaded down and they drive off and are gone.

The first few days are the hardest
As you wait by the phone for them to call.
Just to let you know they made it to their new home alright,
And when they do you are overjoyed yet still pained terribly.

Their voice is like an elegant wine to your ears,
Melting as soon as it flows from the phone.
This is how you make up for the new distance between,
It's just too much to cross that many states for a weekend trip.

As a month passes plans are made,
Tickets are purchased,
And bags are already being packed 2 weeks out.
The moment when you get to be in your loves arms again.

You spring into their arms as soon as you disembark,
Blocking out all others who are walking past.
Because this is your love,
The love you haven't held in what seems like years.

The time passes to fast,
And soon they are waving goodbye once again
As you board the plane to a place you don't want to be
Unless they are there by your side.

Phone calls seem to last for hours,
Skype dates every Sunday to see one another’s faces.
It will be like this for five more months
Until you see them in person again.

It's then that they give you the news
That they might be going somewhere even further
In just a few weeks’ time,
Without return for almost a year.

Your heart breaks little inside,
But you don't fight it because they are doing what they love.
Yet, it seems lately that's all they love
Even more than being there by your side like before.

The next few weeks seem to lag on
Until finally they say what you've feared.
Suddenly they are no longer your love,
They are now someone who you once loved.

The nights feel colder
As your nightmares become reality.
Love has been lost,
Yet it still is not forgotten.

They may not be the one you lie next to,
But they are always the one whom your mind wonders to every night around this time.

The author's comments:

Love will always find a way, it may not be the most ideal, but there is always a way to still love them.

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