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September 12, 2015
By Nightingale74 PLATINUM, Beavercreek, Ohio
Nightingale74 PLATINUM, Beavercreek, Ohio
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Sometimes the demons inside our heads,
They get to us.
They weaken us,
They hurt us;
They make us think we are broken.
These are our lowest points—
Our darkest days.
And it is hard,
So very hard.
There is
Other way
To say that.
I will not
Lie to you.
So yes,
It is hard.
It feels like the very fibers of your soul
Are being ripped.
It feels like the light is gone,
Like tomorrow will be an endless succession
Of Nevers.
But it is when you are at your lowest,
That you have the greatest strength.
It is an irony of life,
Truly understood
Only by those who touch it.
When you feel like you are about
To break,
To snap,
Don’t reach out for a hand to pull you up.
Because if you raise your eyes
To look for help,
You are giving up on yourself.
You are ignoring that little flame
Of strength,
Burning in your chest.
It never dies,
But it never calls out.
Only when you are at your lowest—
In your deepest dark—
Can you see its glow,
Seeping through the cracks
In your heart.
Only then can you see it is enough—
Enough to take that first step,
That decision to go on.
Because you are
The only one
Who can make that choice.
And once you do…
You keep going.

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