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Society Paints A Tiny Box

August 8, 2015
By Claranevs BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Claranevs BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Society paints a tiny box
(5.5 feet tall,  115 pounds wide).
This box fits few people.
…a mere 5%…
Society knows this
and continues to paint
smaller and smaller

Society did paint bigger boxes once,
The kind with many different sizes.
They were not trapped by an obsessive regime
Of people without fault.

A mere 10 years ago
Apples introduced machines
That can capture a moment in your pocket.
That’s when the box became exposed for all to see
Endless snapshots lead to sharing
Sharing led to caring
Caring about features, shapes and proportions

Because of this, the box has specific dimensions
Society painted the box 36 inches at the top.
24 inches around the middle.
36 inches at the bottom.

There once was a box quite unlike our box
One not constrained by size, but full of petrifying possibility
It was mistakenly opened by a naïve girl in Ancient Greece
She let all the bad things out and
out came

Our box is unique
It needs to be opened by the heroic, the brave, and the audacious
To quell the sadness
the anger
the fear.
Evacuate the box, scrape the edges off and paint new lines
With a quiet, invisible ink.

The author's comments:

Women are constrained by society's expectations.  

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