Life is unfair

June 29, 2015
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Sitting by my window

On a rainy day

I could see the trees

Getting wet all the way


When my eyes fell on a little plant

I noticed it was dry

I looked at the large tree over it

And then I knew why


While that huge tree was getting blessed

By this heavy shower

This little plant just sat there

With nothing within its power


I looked at the dampness around

And looked at the plant again

The big tree absorbing almost all the water

The rest was flowing down the drain


Because of not receiving water,

The leaves of that plant would soon turn brown

But the tree didn't care at all

And this made me frown


I couldn't take it anymore

And I went down the stairs

To where the little plant stood

With it's leaves bare


I picked it up gently

And watered it with care

I couldn't help but say

"I know life is unfair"

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