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When Does Happiness Come?

June 26, 2015
By DLove BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
DLove BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Life is not about how good it is, but how good you make it

Once in a lifetime.

Twice in a heartbeat.

That's what i was told.


Never in a second.

Three times in a minute.

Thar's the way it goes.


In a blink of an eye.

It may appear.

But in a moment,

It wont be there.


So when does Happiness come?

How do we know it's here?

What do we do with it?

A mystery that's yet to be solved.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this poem by one of my favorite movies, "The Pursuit Of Happiness". There were so many messages being sent in that movie, and i justb wanted to pull a few out. The message I'm trying to send in my poem is, there is no timing on happiness. Some situations are out of your hands. Most people go wrong when they try to plan their happiness, or use materialistic things to make them happy. Instead, plan your success and make your own path, then happiness will come automatically.  

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