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Winter's Embrace

June 9, 2015
By withBloodandFire GOLD, Burnt Hills, New York
withBloodandFire GOLD, Burnt Hills, New York
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I stopped checking for monsters under my bed, when I realized they're inside me.

Winter is a cold-hearted lady in white
Sweeping over the lands with her frozen tears
Anything she touches shrivels up and battles for existence
She's a growing fury of ice and snow

Winter plans on picking at us like a crow picking at a carcass
Until there's nothing left  but bare bones
We seek for the familiar warmth our family gives us
Yet our frozen heart cannot be thawed

Winter's laugh mocks us, echoing through the mountains
Winter's eyes scan for any survivors
Winter's hands embrace us in a deadly squeeze
Winter's pale lips speak our name, softly

Come to me, give in already
I'll numb the pain, you don't have to feel

The author's comments:

Winter is coming. 

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