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June 9, 2015
By withBloodandFire GOLD, Burnt Hills, New York
withBloodandFire GOLD, Burnt Hills, New York
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I stopped checking for monsters under my bed, when I realized they're inside me.

The white light grows brighter with every minute
Glowing warmly, it shines onto the darkest of corners
It illuminates the gloomiest of places, sparks hope in broken hearts
It invites you to bathe in it, let it soak your body with peace
The God of Light is reaching out to jump-start your withering soul
Accept it, and you will find courage to battle your demons
Deny it, and there is always another chance to start over
He does not rule greedily, he does not judge your mistakes
Believe, and you will see the beauty of faith
Forgiveness fills up the very lungs you breathe with
You have stepped into the Light Side, you have won

The author's comments:

Walking with a friend in the dark, is better than walking alone in the light. 

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