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Who Are You To Me

May 22, 2015
By Lake22 GOLD, San Leandro, California
Lake22 GOLD, San Leandro, California
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I hate it when you never listen
You are always right
I mean you do have more experience
but I always have to accept
be the obedient daughter
always silenced
be the obedient daughter following threats
it’s MY future
it’s MY life
not that I don’t want your guidance
But I want to be heard too
I make mistakes
I know
but chaining me up won’t do any good
but not literal shackles and chains
and cutting me out definitely won’t either
You just make me so fed up and frustrated
I began to hate myself but not anymore
I’m still finding me
I’m accepting parts of me
you used to not reject
Like my choices
I love you and I’m sorry
I don’t know what you are to me

The author's comments:

Inspired by a time in my life when things were rough with parents..

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