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Best Friends Forever Even Through Death

May 18, 2015
By Robert321 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
Robert321 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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We've all seen the best friends forever,
The ones who supposedly never weather,
Why does it seem that even a feather,
Can make them waver,
I cannot even ask a favor,
Without fearing their bad steering,
They have advice to give,
But only of their will to live,
I'm so tired of hearing,
I know how your feeling,
My Best Friend Forever Even Through Death,
Is no where near being like the rest,
Even as she wants to sleep,
She will keep her blue eyes open for me,
When I finish my speech,
and she is fast asleep,
She is still caring about me,
And I begin to dry my weary eyes and realize,
I am lucky to be sharing,
The sweetest flavor of love,
with a person sent to me from above,
This love is a flavor called genuine,
Something hard to find.

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For My Best Friend Forever Even Through Death

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