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jealousy breeds anger

May 5, 2015
By ness_official BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
ness_official BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"sometimes the greatest things in life are the hardest to obtain"
"stop! right where you are! and thank god you are still alive because others are less fortunate"
"haters are really fans that wont admit it"

some people view lifes challenges as something that they fear the most

But is a enemy you've never met gunnah stare at you the most

after all the most lethal virus aint never fear the host

so just like a celeberty you should never fear a roast


so why fear any man put on the same earth as me

even if i aint never met you i bet you aint never heard of me

Now im not saying "no one could ever murder me"

But life lives on and eventually we will all see


so i keep writing word like what do i got to lose

i aint never stop writing so my fingers start to bruise

some pick their battles and choose

Loosing results in feuds

jealousy breads anger sometimes you gotta walk in twos

gotta learn to live life weather they clap or boo

if they act like "you still talkin" reply "i aint talkin to you"

cuz lifes too busy got way to much to do

so if you still think im concerned about you, haterz need to get the clue

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