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What Wasn't Said

May 1, 2015
By Daizalove GOLD, Browns Summit, North Carolina
Daizalove GOLD, Browns Summit, North Carolina
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He won’t say it and I won’t say it
Two lips locked and two people who took the vow of silence
It won’t make sense if we talk anyway
I’m a question mark
You’re an exclamation point
So tell me something and let me make sense of it
And let me tell you that you’re wrong
“You’re wrong,” says the girl who ends her sentences with question marks
“I hate you,” says the guy who ends his sentences with exclamation points
That’s when we will be in the uncharted woods of hypocrisy
Saying things and letting our mouths run away from us
I chose to take the vow of silence
As a religious prayer, so I can keep his soul for a little longer
We’re that stick on the beach that got carried out to sea
And if it is able to return to land it won’t be on the same beach
None of us are willing to retrieve it

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