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April 23, 2015
By RunnerandSkater BRONZE, New Prague, Minnesota
RunnerandSkater BRONZE, New Prague, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
I am trying to find myself. Sometimes that's not easy.
-Marilyn Monroe

You’ll meet her on the path of questions
Not knowing where you’ll end up next
She sits on the side with a quilt over her lap
Hair in a tight bun, skin wrinkled with age

She’ll greet you with a small smile, motion for you to come closer
“I know the answer to your questions” she says

Her words are intriguing, for there are so many things to ask
The question escapes your lips before you can think twice
She nods slowly and whispers a reply
Her words are shocking, this answers all the questions

You continue down the path, now knowing where to end
Wisdom’s words helped you through the deepest of times

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