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Truth Begins in Lies

April 18, 2015
By kayla813 GOLD, North Lake, Wisconsin
kayla813 GOLD, North Lake, Wisconsin
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Haunted by the words that hold the truth, the words that escaped,

Echoing in the depths of the mind, acceptance--the only path,

Admitting truth, a battle one has with themselves, lying a cop out for reality,

Truth or lying is not a decision we make, but an impulse--honesty is circumstantial,

"Are you...?" Lie. Wait...

"Do you...?" Lie. Wait...

"You are..." Truth. Wait...


Lies flourish in questions, the ones where truth can be evaded,

Statements drawing attention to the fibs, the ones cycling through the mind,

impulse driven solely on the inquisition presented, slipping in uncertainty,

The walls built on lies begin to crumble, vulnerable to one's own truth,

"Am I...?" Lie. Wait...

"Do I...?" Lie. Wait...

"I am..." Truth. Wait...


Validation of the mind pulling closer, nudging one towards the truth,

Cheating reality in the most basic form, altering what is known to be true,

Slipping, Sliding, Slithering desperately, cheating is no longer an option,

Escape routes blocked by the flames of interrogation, impulse gives in,

"Am I...?" Truth. Wait...

"Do I...?" Truth. Wait..

"I am...?" Truth. Wait.

"Are you...?" Truth. Wait

"Do you...?" Truth. Wait!

"You are..." Truth. Wait!

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sarah:-) said...
on Apr. 22 2015 at 1:29 am
Ultimately one must tell the truth.I liked how you described the journey of conscience from lies to truth-that's what I saw in it.