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final destination

April 21, 2015
By SpeareShaker SILVER, Gryffindor Tower, Other
SpeareShaker SILVER, Gryffindor Tower, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"My tomorrows are likely to resemble my yesterdays. But I shall remain hopeful." -Twice Upon a Time #3: Beauty and the Beast, the Only One Who Didn't Run Away.

"I have tried so hard to do right." -last words of President Grover Cleveland.

I hadn't thought it would be like this

I used to spend my Saturdays horizontal

finally escaping from the outside

now I want to be out in the world

with you

I want to see your face under the stars

and look in your eyes reflecting the sea

even if I just sit on the couch at your house

watching the sunlight bounce off messy hair

holding your hand

I would never leave

because you laugh at your favorite movie

at the same part, every time

and you turn and smile at me when it's over

like you have never known sadness

and I know

if you never get tired of that same line, in the same film

you will never tire of me

I squeeze your hand tighter

smile carved on our faces

by each other's chisels

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