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I Wish

April 15, 2015
By Trin_Freckles GOLD, Troutman, North Carolina
Trin_Freckles GOLD, Troutman, North Carolina
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When your sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead

I wish, you would stop looking at me like that

Like the way you would look at a lost girl
Like the way you would look at someone and feel bad

I wish you wouldn't laugh at my corny jokes
So I won't have to hear your laugh
So I won't have to deal with the pain later

I wish, you wouldn't stare at me while i talk to my friends
I can see you out of the corner of my eye
I can see the look of wishing, the look of love

I wish you wouldn't take my hand
Only to wish that it could be like that forever
Only to wish that I was yours and no one else's

I wish you wouldn't let me cuddle with you
For you not to let me drift to sleep in your arms
For you not to whisper to me while I lay there

I wish you didn't make me smile
With those hazel eyes, looking into mine, making me smile  
With your jokes, or your compliments

I wish you wouldn't tell them your secret
The secret that puts me on a happy, bubbly buzz
The secret that we share, but yet too afraid to admit it

I wish you would have never told me
I dont know what to say
I dont know what to do

I wish you would tell me what you want
A friendship
A Relationship

I wish that I could leave all these feelings behind me
Its crushing me
Its confusing me

Maybe Im wishing for the wrong things, Maybe I should be wishing for the opposite.
Then again, I have the problem for
wishing that you would continue with everything thats killing me
on the inside  

So I ask you one thing
Stop making me fall in love with you

I only ask, for I am falling into the rabbit hole again
The farther I fall the
More confused, hurt, and depressed I get

I dont know why you're trying to hurt me
I dont know why you just can't make it official

They say you're scared
They say you wouldn't know what to do
They say your using me

I dont know who to believe anymore
I don't know to believe my mother
I don't know to believe my brother
I don't know to believe my best friend

You say you don't want to lose me
But you're not doing much too keep me
Your not doing anything to convince me to stay

I guess if you're not going to do anything
I might as well head back,
Back to my home roots
Where I'm needed
Where i'm missed  

For no reason to stay is a good reason to go

I wish you would make up your mind
But I guess that it will never happen
I guess, its farewell  

I wish you find happiness
Just remember to Never be serious
And please, never cry, For I feel the pain and I can't bear it

Im sorry for all the trouble I put you through
I just want you to remember
That some of my best memories
Was with you

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