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March 7, 2015
By GleekGamer PLATINUM, Somerset, New Jersey
GleekGamer PLATINUM, Somerset, New Jersey
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"Friendship isn't always easy, but there's no doubt it's worth fighting for."

How do you not see me,

The elephant in the room?

All my tricks for your attention,

Catching peanuts with my obtrusive trunk,

Are all so stupid,

Are all in vain.

You couldn't care less,

About the trapeze artist,

Nearly falling to her death,

Breaking her neck,

Just to please you,

To try to make you laugh,

Or gasp,

Or at least blink.

You're too focused on your popcorn,

To see the big, bold, beautiful picture,

Displayed out in front of you.

You may not see it,

You may not care,

But the circus goes on,

All for you.

The author's comments:

Found this little gem written to an ex the other day in the back of an old notebook, thought I'd post it.

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