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March 6, 2015
By Enderman GOLD, No, Texas
Enderman GOLD, No, Texas
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Carter was a lonely boy.
His only friends was someone he made up.
He almost wanted to stay lonely.
He didn’t think that he could go on for much longer.
Carter attempted suicide once,
a hanging,
but his parents found him and cut him down.
He continued living his dull life,
trying to find a solution to end the pain he felt.
He attempted suicide a second time,
an overdose,
but it didn’t work.
His parents found out and sent him to an insane asylum.
Carter was forced to live there for an entire year,
But not even the doctors could help hiim.
After the year was over,
he finally returned home,
distant and hollow.
He didn’t speak.
He didn’t eat.
He took part in self-harm.
Carter found that the cuts he gave himself
replaced emotional pain with physical pain,
at least momentarily.
The people at school only made it worse.
There was no relief to his suffering.
He wanted to end it all.
Carter decided to take the jump.
He went skydiving.
He didn’t open his chute.

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