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Silly Boy

March 5, 2015
By JustAnotherWallflower BRONZE, Celeste, Texas
JustAnotherWallflower BRONZE, Celeste, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Yes, we are our fathers' sons and daughters
But we are not their choices
For despite their absences we are still here
Still alive, still breathing
With the power to change this world
One little boy and girl at a time
Who's there?

Silly Boy.
Pull her hair, toss paper
Down, down, down
Her dress, hoping that
You could only, maybe, possibly
Catch her attention.
Maybe she would stay a while
Because no one, friends, people,
Stuck around.


Stupid boy.
She yelled, angry that
You would dare, taunt, goad
And she, she hated
The way you acted, gloated, teased,
Just to catch her attention.
But she couldn’t go,
Because her parents, her family, their rules,
Wanted to stay.


‘Atta boy.
Tell a joke, make her laugh
Until her sides hurt, until breath is scarce
So that perhaps, maybe, possibly
She’d be your friend.
So she’ll stay a bit,
Because she likes, wishes to know, befriends you,
And sticks around.

Listen boy.
Press play, share a headphone
Listen, pay attention, take note
Talk music, make jokes
Obviously, clearly, perceptively
Very good friends.
Maybe she’ll stay awhile,
Because she, and you, plan to,
Stick around.


Broken boy.
Crying hard, speaking soft
Drip, drop, sob,
Ashamed, hating yourself
For what you’ve done, didn’t do, will do.
Stop crying.
She says as she reaches for a hug,
Because she cares, understands, maybe loves you.
She’ll stick around.


Foolish boy.
Don’t you know, don’t you see?
Look closer, stare longer, realize
She loves you, step up
And say something, anything, the important thing.
Catch her attention.
Let her know and maybe she’ll stay,
Because if not, she might slip, fall, disappear
And leave you stuck.

Lucky boy.
Hold her tight, kiss her dear
Embrace, kiss, adore
Love her, don’t ever leave
Broken, shattered, ruined hearts
Are hard to mend.
Keep her close and she’ll stay
Because she cares, understands, and definitely loves you
She’ll always stick around.


Silly boy.
Struck with awe, filled with glee
Thump, thump, thump
A tiny heartbeat, beating on the screen
Made known by a plus sign on a stick, doctor visit, an ultrasound.
A little baby.
You never want to leave
Because he’s yours, healthy, kicking, and dancing in her belly
You’ll always be stuck on her, and now, stuck on him.

The author's comments:

Most, if not all, of my writing is based upon either my own personal experience or the personal experience of my friends and family. "Silly Boy" was written about a boy I've loved very much and for many years. He's my best friend, soon-to-be husband, and soon-to-be father. This is our story, though it is not quite finished yet I hope it shows you the preserverance of love, it's healing power, and the awe and wonder of children and fatherhood, regardless of circumstances. 

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