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The Answers

February 18, 2015
By MorganRF PLATINUM, Bellevue, Nebraska
MorganRF PLATINUM, Bellevue, Nebraska
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"When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down 'happy'. They told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life."

When life gets me down, I know you'll be there.
When it seems as though I can't take the pain, you help me carry it.
I never quite know what is going to happen,
But you help me find the answers I need.

When I'm lost, you find me.
When I'm close to sure my world is going to fall apart around me, you help me rebuild it's strength.
I don't know what is ahead of me,
But you have the answers that I need to be sure I don't go wrong.

When I'm not happy, you have the power to change my mood around.
When I get stuck in a rut, you pull me out without a question asked.
I don't know what I am to become,
But you help me find the answers I need to piece the puzzle together.

Like the mountain that never wears away,
Like the field that never changes with the weather,
You are amazing,
And you hold all the answers I need.

The author's comments:

Not everything makes sense. Life doesn't always have to make sense. But God has a plan for us, and he knows what we have gone through and continue to go through. He will help us to cope of we let Him.

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