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A Note of Apology

February 12, 2015
By Tipster37 SILVER, Surfside, Florida
Tipster37 SILVER, Surfside, Florida
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Thank you.
Thank you for poking my bruises.
For picking my scabs.
For calling me the names I carve into myself.
Thank you for condescending to me.
For telling me I don’t know who I am.
For telling me I should know everything,
And treating me like I know nothing.
Thank you for feeding the self-destructive
Voice in my Head.
Thank you.


I’m sorry.
I’m sorry I bumped into you.
I’m sorry to interrupt you to ask a stupid question.
I’m sorry I’m not more convenient.
I’m sorry I made you hate me.
I’m sorry every word out of my mouth is I’m sorry.
I’m sorry for the apology.
I’m sorry I exist.
I’m sorry I don’t try harder.
I’m sorry.


Thank you for accepting my “I’m sorry”s

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