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Earth and Sky

February 2, 2015
By Eric_Tays PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
Eric_Tays PLATINUM, Conway, Arkansas
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"The only thing left to fear is fear itself" Roosevelt

Our love,


Our touch,



Never have we met,

Reaching out,

Never to reach the other.


Since the beginning,

Doomed from the start,

Our love.


Never will i lose sight of thee,

After all, 

We are so close,

Yet so far.


I miss you,

More and more,

As if I were a flower,

And you the sun in winter.


Shackled in place,

Never to move closer,

Just waiting for these shackles to break and shatter,

And once again be one.

The author's comments:

I put myself in a place I have never been, I put myself in the Earth's shoes so to speak and pondered over how the Earth and Sky must love and wish to be with the other. after all, they both see such glory and beauty in the other.

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