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A Passing Memory

January 6, 2015
By ADixon BRONZE, Newport, North Carolina
ADixon BRONZE, Newport, North Carolina
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What we had,
It was special.

What we shared,
It was magical.

The joy we displayed,
The love we couldn’t get enough of…

You were mine,
And I was yours.

Now you’re gone,
Taken from me.

One minute you were here,
I blink and you disappeared.


I wish I could hold you.
Feel your warmth.
Share the love we discovered.

Now, you’re gone forever,
Slowly slipping from my grip.

I’ll see you some other time.
We shall meet again,
One way or another.

Farewell my angel,
May you rest in peace.

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mrsg said...
on Jan. 19 2015 at 10:10 pm
The poem made me feel sad. It's hard to lose someone you love.