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The Weeping of the Willow

January 8, 2015
By spirtualpersonification BRONZE, Glenview, Illinois
spirtualpersonification BRONZE, Glenview, Illinois
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I know a girl

a special, unique girl

Uncommon in appearence,

bulbous periwinkle eyes

that gleam like crystalline orbs

Painted ivory lips

and watery veins of amtheyst hue 

and hair that whispers

sacred morsels of truth to the cattails

at the edge of the water,

The girl sits

On a wild penumbra of green

beneath a tall, demeaning willow tree

fringed leaves cascading

over her jaundiced expression

and fibrous tubers grasp

titghly her waist.


I know a girl

a girl that feels pain

and sorrow

As the sun sets into the crinkled folds of the sky

The girl looks out into the frozen jet black night and sees

no stars, none at all

only a fierce, cruel world

I know a girl

A girl who has never felt the tenderness of a mothers touch

Nor the stern but steady hand of a father

Her heart grows wicked

and coarse

and brittle within each passing moment,

veins bristled and interwined

a plethora of stinging bee’s

devouring her sweet serenity,

It seems as though

the girl has lost all sense of hope

and then one day

the girl was gone

no  trace left behind

people soon forgot

went on with their daily lives

Only the willow tree wept

shedding pearl shaped tears

that pounded heavily against 

sweetened dirt and rocks

watering the kindred soil they shared

its leaves, once livley and ripe

now wilted away,

brown clunks of charred branches

gnarled trunk ripped from its roots

it waits for someone to take the girls place

to sit beneath it,

and keep its crooked roots warm

to clutch at its thick middle

and stroke it’s battered bark

to fill the gaping hole in it’s center

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